• Ultrona Robot Trading Portfolio

Instruments: AUDCHF 
Trading Chart: H4 
Trading Style: Breakout & Swing

General Features:

  • These strategies has been crafted by our forex expert traders who has many years of trading experience.
  • Carefully analyzed every candlestick pattern for precise trading strategy.
  • Strategies has been tested over last 11 years with a successive long term profitable results.
  • Strategies has been tested in different harass condition to check whether it is robust or not. 
  • Easy to setup & supervise.
  • No indicator or hard analysis needed.
  • Under ideal trading conditions, this is a very low-risk trading portfolio.
  • All orders are protected by stop-loss and take-profit level.
  • Perfect solution for new traders those who do not have necessary trading skills.
  • No averaging, no grid and no martingale.
  • It leaves no room for human error.
  • It has no discretionary input parameters.
  • It has built-in money and risk management.
  • An unique semi-automated companion for experienced traders.
  • Fully automated trading 24/5.
  • No previous trading skills required.
  • Benefit from a fully automated trading portfolio that needs little or no attention from you just plug & play and forget about it.
  • Having this trading portfolio means have an expert forex professional trader alongside who has many years of trading experience.

Specific Product Features:

  • Strategies has been crafted mainly focused on high time frame of H4 chart.
  • It use long range profit & stop loss target, around 200-500 pips.
  • Strategies will hold order position for several weeks to months.
  • Strategies has been implemented using several types of moving average, ATR & candle stick patterns
  • It use fix & dynamic stop loss & take profit.
  • It will trade in medium frequency, as it has been traded only 844 trades over last 11 years.
  • It has 58.53% of winning trades with a profit factor of 1.53.
  • Since last 11 years its maximum draw down was only 5.44%.
  • This trading portfolio gains over 54,600 pips through last 11 years.

Performance Report of Past 11 years:

Diversification Report in Matrix


Spreads below 2.5 pip (25 points)
Stop-level below two pips to zero is better
Commissions below 4USD per round lot
Performs better in AUDCHF H4

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Ultrona Robot Trading Portfolio

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